Are you looking for a professional and comprehensive service of creating a bodywork for your van or other vehicle? We offer complete renovation, construction and soundproofing of the cargo bed, as well as construction of the cabin with an additional sleeping option.

Our offer includes:

  • Comprehensive renovation: We transform your van or other vehicle into the perfect transportation space. Thanks to our experience and advanced technologies, we ensure high quality and aesthetics.
  • Load box structure: We adjust the structure to your needs and preferences. We offer a variety of options for storing and transporting equipment, tools and other items.
  • Cargo bed soundproofing: We provide professional interior soundproofing, eliminating noise and vibration.
  • Cabin construction with the possibility of sleeping: We create an ergonomic and functional space in the vehicle cabin that can serve as a bedroom. We offer a variety of solutions, from foldable beds to comfortable mattresses.

Why is it worth using our service?

  • Experience: We have many years of experience in creating bodies for various types of vehicles, ensuring high quality and customer satisfaction.
  • Adaptation to needs: We individually adapt our projects to the customer’s needs and expectations, ensuring full satisfaction and functionality.
  • Professionalism: Our team consists of experienced specialists who take care of every detail and perform work with the utmost care.
  • Versatility: We offer comprehensive services for a variety of vehicles, giving you the opportunity to adapt each vehicle to your needs.


We encourage you to contact us for more information and consultation regarding your individual needs and expectations.